So how does it work?

Robins Nest Emporium functions on a pitch rental system. We rent the space to you, you dress the pitch with all of your lovely stuff and then we put the products through the till! Easy peasy! You can visit your pitch any time you like but you are more than welcome to sit back and watch your business grow whilst our little robins run around and do the leg work.
We always have a member of staff on hand at our stores to offer any advice on how to display items, recommendations for prices or possibly even a discussion of what's selling well and what isn't across the store. So you will never be left alone!
Just so long as you sign the paperwork, keep paying your rent and tell us a joke every now and again, you'll be able to stay as long as you like!

how much does it cost?

Prices vary between Southampton and Fareham and between the size of the space. For example, a 6 x 6ft space at Southampton starts from £150 and £180 at Fareham, whereas a shelf space starts from £25 at Southampton and £35 at Fareham.
We ask that every trader pays the first months rent and a deposit up front, which is worked out to be the same amount as your monthly rent. Each trader has a 2 month minimum contract and we kindly ask for one months notice if you leave us. The deposit is then held for the final months rent.
Please pop in store or use the form below to contact us for more details or please see the FAQ page.

Why trade with us?

Robins Nest Emporium doesn't just have the ambition to be the best traders store in the South. We also endeavor to bring more than just shopping to the community.


We have a fantastic and ever growing social media outreach, our staff are determined to pair each customer with their perfect item as well as being friendly and approachable, and our upcoming workshops and special events within the community will mean we are consistently putting our name out there. You won't be able to get rid of us!

We also have CCTV at both stores and have a fully gated compound in Southampton which is locked overnight.

how do I get started?

If you've gotten this far, you must be serious about trading! We would be thrilled to have you on board. Robins Nest Emporium's core belief is to support local businesses and the self-employed, whether you sell handmade jewellery, upholstered furniture or some super eye-catching bric-a-brac.


To become a trader, please fill in the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself, your product and your business and don't be afraid to throw in any questions you may have.


If it's just for a quick question which might not be about trading, we recommend you visit our Facebook pages, one for each store, which are both monitored by a member of staff all hours of the day. They will be able to answer any and all immediate questions. Best of luck!


Thanks for submitting!